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The History of John Reidhead, Jr. and His Posterity

Many centuries ago, Cicero wrote a remarkable essay on old age, which has in it as much of wisdom for youth as for those who are older. . . "the harvest of old age," he said, "be sure you put away a few pleasant thoughts." And some time ago we cited this sentence from the eminent scientist, Gustaf Stromberg. . . "the memory of an individual is written in indelible script in space and time." This suggests that all men, whether they lived our length of mortal life there is a sharp separation between what we can take with us into eternity and what we can keep only for time. The Lord God gave us the good things of the earth to enjoy with "prudence and thanksgiving", but earnestly we need to keep a balance in our lives between what we can keep forever, and what is needful only now. The happiest harvest for time or eternity includes character and .knowledge, truth and intelligence, the satisfaction of service, respect, and trust; the love and goodness and purity laid up in life, and the assurance of peace and a quiet conscience, of everlasting progress, and of renewal of association with loved ones. And in acquiring memories of our own, and in making them for others, the whole long and everlasting length of life should be taken into account -- with memories - of friends, of loved ones, of service given, of the keeping of the commandments, memories of high standards and courage and conviction, (memories that will let us look unflinchingly into the eyes of every many we meet, and unto him who is the Judge and Father of us all). Since memory is written "indelibily in time and space" there are some kinds of memories we should remember to make old age -- and for all the ages after -- memories written on the everlasting record that would be kindly to recall.


Many precious stories of life, replete with faith-promoting experiences, triumphs over temptations and hardships; precious evidences of the loving watch-care of God over His struggling children, have perished utterly from the earth because of the neglect of the busy participants to write down the events while they were fresh in their memories. .

When we came into this world, gifts and talents were bestowed upon us by our Heavenly Parents. We inherited from them certain of their attributes - God-like attributes. 'God' is the Father of our spirits. When the spirit entered the body, the attributes were undeveloped as was the body. As the body grew and developed by the" use of physical powers, so the spirit developed by the use of its spiritual powers.

Each person has had a purpose for birth into this earth-life and a mission to perform. Our Heavenly Father gave to each qualifications and abilities to fulfill this mission. By the use of talents and gifts, the soul grows. In this way, we qualify ourselves to take our place in the family relationship and preserve the most priceless of all gifts, OUR OWN IDENTITY. In the book "Assorted Gems of Priceless Value," page J 92, we find this statement from a discourse at Brigham Young: "Cleave to light and intelligence with all your hearts, my brethren, that you may be prepared to PRESERVE YOUR IDENTITY, which is the greatest gift of God."


My life shall touch a dozen lives
Before this year is done;
Make countless marks for good or ill,
Ere sets the evening sun.

So this is the thought I always think:
The Prayer I always Pray.
Lord, may my life bless other live:;
It touches by the way.

Let us read Grandfather John's words which give reason for this book:

Woodruff, Arizona, 1900

I have been impressed of late to have my history published. If I had the means I would have it published. I believe there is very few men living that have had greater testimony from God than I have. When I was 15 years old in a great revival, I went in my secret place to pray and I could not pray and a voice said to me that all the religious sects of the world was wrong. From that time I have had great manifestations from God. I want you to keep all I write to you in a place by themselves.

I see in the Deseret News that the saints that have had great testimonies from God are to keep them and have them to leave for the future generations to read as we read the Bible today and many other histories of great men and I do not think there are many men that have had greater testimonies than I have had and I now have more testimony than I ever had.


Genealogy and its many unsolved problems just as deep, just as vast, and just as interesting with their many branches and heads, are our family records of Genealogy connecting somewhere with the main channel, flowing ever onward to eternity.
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