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The History of John Reidhead, Jr. and His Posterity

Gathering strength and perfection as each one or branch con-tributes their part. May the spirit of the gathering flow on and on down through the generations to come.


And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God. And the books were opened which is the book of life. And the dead were judged of those things which were written in the book according to their works.

Rev. 20: 12

And he shall plant in the hearts of the children the promises made to the fathers. In this prophecy we discover that promises were made to the fathers that their children should do something for them which they could not do for themselves.

D. & C. 2:2

So let us therefore, as a children, as a people, and as Latter-day Saints, offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness; and let us present in His Holy Temple a book containing the records of our dead. Which shall be worthy of all acceptance.



Our fathers planted the family tree
And tended it with anxious zeal;
What did they know, what could they see,
Of future cares or of future weal?

Long have those heroes been asleep,
Leaving the labor to you and to me;
Many of the sons and daughters keep
For good or for ill the family tree.

Much has been done, there is much to do;
What shall we answer, what shall we say?
Have we kept the faith, have we all been true?
In the present light of a later day,

Of future labors, of future light,
What do we know, what can we see?
From the planting of oh, so long ago,
What shall the harvest be?

Israel Bennion, 1920-

The Reidheads came to America with the Argyle Highlanders in 1776 in the 74th Reg. A William Reidhead came during the Revolutionary War. This is undoubtedly part of the story handed down that John Reidhead of Findhorn who married Katherine Nishie had two sons whom he sent to Cambridge and they were shanghaied by the British and forced fo serve in the forces of the English against the American Colonists in the Revelutionary War in 1776. There is sufficient evidence to the effect that William Reidhead of Scotland did come to America then. And it is possible that a brother John Reidhead, just younger than William might have been shanghaied with William from Cambridge. We have no record of what might have happened to John, but a search of the Parish of Kinloss, Scotland, which embraced Findhorn, gives dates of birth of eight children born to John Reidhead and Katherine Nishie. Which are as follows:

John Reidhead, son of John Reidhead and Marjorie Wetson, born…; bap. 16 July 1727, Kinloss, Moray, Findhorn, Scotland; Married 11 Dec. 1755 to Katherine Nishie, born 12 Sept. 1726, daughter of Alexander Nishie and Janet Bremmer; John Reidhead died about 1816; their children were 1. son, William Reidhead, born 28 Oct. 1756 in Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, died 11 Dec. 1811. He married Olive Banks. 2. son John Reidhead, born 27 Oct. 1758, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. 3. daughter Anne Reidhead, born 13 May 1762, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, died child. 4. daughter Katherine Reidhead, born 18 Feb. 1764, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. Married Robert Ranlon on 23 Jan. 1790. 5. daughter Anne Reidhead, born 16 Dec. 1765 Find-horn, Moray, Scotland. 6. son James Reidhead, born 21 Dec. 1767, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. 7. son David Reidhead, born 9 May 1770, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, died child. 8. son David Reidhead, born 9 Feb. 1772, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. Married Esther Banks. It is from this son David and wife Esther Banks that is the direct line of John Reidhead, Sr., and son John Reidhead, Jr., the same John to whom this history is dedicated.

John Reidhead, Sr., and son John, Jr., were charter members of the Masonic Lodge, organized in Minneapolis. Their picture now hangs in the Masonic Temple in Minneapolis.

John Reidhead, Jr., kept a journal from which we hove compiled a brief sketch of his life. Great-grandfather desired to have his history published. So now, after half a century, we are able to make this dream a living reality. A true and living story that will thrill and bless the hearts of all that may read it.

He was one of the humble souls of God who was happy and will-ing to struggle or make any sacrifice that the high ideals of the gospel might be achieved and maintained. His personal wants and ambitions were secondary. Grandfather fought long and hard for the freedom and noble heritage with which we are blessed today.

John Reidhead, Jr., was the first son of John Reidhead and Louisa Peabody. He was born June 9, 1827 in Catine, Maine. He married Lucretia Henderson, his first wife, at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, April 25, 1850. She 'was the daughter of Doctor Johnathan Henderson and Lucretia Radcliff, born 16 July 1834, died 28 January 1863.

John Reidhead, Jr., and (wife) Lucretia Henderson was baptized July 4, 1861, in Florence, Nebraska by Elder William Yates. John was confirmed July 5, 1861, in same town by Elder Hanham and Lucretia was confirmed by Elder Erastus Snow.

I, John Reidhead, Jr., have been active in the church since I came to Provo and was called to go to the Sevier River in the year 1865. I was chosen as one of the presidents of the 34th Quorum of Seventies in the year 1865. I was chosen by the Legislature for Notary Public of Sevier County in the year 1866. I was called to go to Arizona in the year 1877.

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