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The History of John Reidhead, Jr. and His Posterity

Children of John Reidhead, Jr., and Lucretia Henderson Reidhead: Son, Austin Reidhead; daughter, Marie Reidhead, both of whom were burned to death, 14 August 1856 in Minneapolis, Minn.; daughter, Florence Emma Reidhead, born 29 June 1855, married Richard Walter Brereton, died 1 March 1929; son, John Oscar Reidhead, born 10 August 1858, married Lucinda Fidelia Buchanan, died 27 Feb. 1907; son, Charles Reidhead, born 5 Jan. 1860. He went away to work and was never heard of again; daughter, Lucretia Jane Reidhead, born 10 Jan. 1863, died 11 Nov. 1863.

John, Jr., then married Julia Ann York. Their children were:

Lucretia Marie died at 7 months; Julia Ann married Joseph Fish; John III, married Helen Lavisa Deans; Alanson married Wilmirth Johnson, and wife, Julia Burgess, 3rd wife, Estella Hall; Katie Louisa married Joseph C. Fish and Maurice died on the way to Arizona (age four months).

John Reidhead, Jr., also married a third wife in October, 1865. He and Sarah Huggins had two children.

John William born 1867, Fountain Green, Utah. Died, 1868.

Girl, name unknown, born 1869 at Fountain Green, Utah. Died 1869.

John, Jr., was sealed to Mallisa Patten, June 14, 1872 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At present we have little information regarding grandfather's wives, other than the first one, Lucretia Henderson. Lucretia died at an early age from child birth, her body was left in a weakened condition due to the shock caused from the tragic death of her two children as told in grandfather's Journal. We have procured more information on Julia Ann York

Woodruff, Utah, December 9, 1912

Dear Emmer:

I received yours today, glad to hear from you. I like to write, al-though my hand trembles bad, but I am sorry that you cannot under-stand what I write you about your mother's folks. My sister does not know about your mother's folks. Your mother was the first child of Johnathan Henderson and her mother had one son, his name was William. Then Johnathan Henderson, your grandfather, married a girl by the name of McKinsey. She lived in the town Sedgwick, Maine. She had one daughter. Her name was Lizzie Henderson. Then he married a girl in London Dairy, Nova Scotia or Pigtoe, Nova Scotia, and I think she had 7 children and your granfather Henderson had nine brothers, all doctors, and they came from Scotland. I think your mother was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, but I am not certain. She may have been born in Pigtoe, Nova Scotia, or London Dairy, Nova Scotia. I married her at her aunts in Portsmouth. Your mother's aunt married a man by the name of Stephen Leach. Your grandmother's maiden name was Rackcliff*. She was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Gammons were a noted family, who were very numerous in an early day. If some of our missionaries in the state could go and find the name of Rackcliff and Leach, then they can find out all about your mother's folks. There you will find my marriage records In the year 1850. You can write to the postmaster, but the best way is to get some of our Mormon Elders to find out all about your mother's folks. You were born in Minneapolis. I do not know the names of your grandfather Henderson's brothers, his oldest brother's name was William. He died in Chico, California. He had a large family. The reason I was not married at your grandfathers was because he was a widower. I received the letter of Brother Talmages. I do not know your grandmother's name. All the names can be found in Portsmouth, but I think you can find the name of Rackcliff and and Leach by writing to the postmaster, and that will be the cheapest, but the best way and safest way is some man who is in the business to go and search the records.

From your dear father,


The surname Henderson is derived from Henry, Henry's son, which in time became Henrison, Hendrickson, Henderson. The name is old in Scotland, the family having lived there since the 15th century. The chief seat being at Fordell, County Fife, and "Henderson of Fordell" is a term of distinction, and well known throughout the United Kingdom. Many authentic and traditional stories are current portraying the valor and dexterity of the earlier generations, in peace and at war, and their fame extends across the continent.

Among the prominent members of the family is a line founded by John Henderson who married Miss Margaret McCain, daughter of Mrs. Susan McCain, of New London, Penn. They were in Virginia prior to 1740. Among their children were: John, who married Elizabeth Basnett; William and Margaret. John, Jr., was the father of Isaac, born 1773-5; Dorcas; Charles; Thomas, born 1781 in Albemarle County, Var.; William and Margaret. Mrs. Sarah Henderson Wiggins of Indianapolis is the chronicler of this family.

Now this we believe is the connecting line to the Johnathan Henderson father of Lucretia Henderson.

However, some have said that a Sir John Henderson and his wife Margaret Montieth, etc. most of this information is taken from "Burk" (1625-1850).

Probably the most complete and authentic record of this family in America is given by Dr. Jos. Lyon Miller of Thomas, West Virginia, in his concise little volume, "The Ancestory and Descendants of Lieut. John Henderson", (1650-1900); of Greenbrier County, West Virginia. The writer is a great-grandson of the subject of the work, who is supposed to have been a descendent of James Henderson, First Knight. of Fordell (b. 1450, killed in battle at Floddenfield on that fatal 9th of September, 1513); his son, John, also met his death at that time, as did their royal master, King James IV of Scotland. In 1494, Sir James Henderson was appointed King's Advocate and a few years later, Lord Chief Justice, as has previously been mentioned.

The name Rackcliff or Radcliff appears in the records both ways.

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