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The History of John Reidhead, Jr. and His Posterity

"Sir John Henderson married Margaret Montieth, heiress of Raniford; by whom he had five sons and five daughters, and was succeeded by his eldest son, John Henderson, Esq., who was created a baronet of Nova Scotia, 15 July 1664. Sir John married Margaret, daughter of Sir John Hamilton of Obieston, Lord Chief Justice Clerk; by whom he had two sons and two daughters, and dying in 1683, was succeeded by his second and only surviving son, Sir William, who married Miss Hamilton, daughter of Sir John Hamilton of Mountain Hall, by whom he had four sons and a daughter. He died in 1709 and was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir John, who married Christian, daughter of Sir Robert Anstruther, Baronet of Balkaskie, by whom he had three sons and five daughters. He was succeeded by his second and eldest surviving son, Sir Robert (died October 1781) married October 3, 1784, Isabella, daughter of George McKenzie, Esq., of Firne; by whom he had issue; John, his successor, and Sir Bruce, present Baronet (18341. Sir Bruce died childless, and the estate descended to his first cousin, George Mercer, who assumed the name of Mercer-Henderson."

John, James and Samuel Henderson, brothers and sons of William Henderson and Margaret Bruce and grandson of John Henderson, Gent. of Fifensyre, Scotland, came to Virginia about 1740. They all settled in Augusta county where they married and brought up families.

John Henderson was an Ensign in the Augusta Militia in the French and Indian War, and 1758 received 14 shillings pay. His will was recorded in Augusta County, 1766, and mentions a son, William, two daughters unnamed, and his wife, Rosa Finley, who was a sister of John Finley, one of the first justices of the county.

Samuel Henderson was also in the Augusta Militia in 1758, and received a like amount as pay. His will is recorded in that county in 1782, and mentions his wife, Jane, and the following children: James, Andrew, Alexander and Florence. James died in 1801 and his will mentions the wife, Isabella and children: John, Joseph, Jones, Alexander, Becky, Sarah, Margaret and Jean.

James Henderson (b. 1708 Scotland, d. 1784, Va.) also served in the Augusta Militia in the French and Indian War, first as Ensign and later as Lieutenant. On June 23, 1783, he married Martha, daughter of Audley Harrison Hamilton, Gent., and his wife Eleanor Adams. They were the parents of: David, John, James, William, Sarah, Joseph, Jean, Samuel, Archibald and Margaret. Dr. Miller brings the line of descendants of James and Martha Henderson down to 1900 and embodies many interesting biographical items. Either of these records or (two lines) can be a lead for further research. An interesting little story is linked through a certain Sir John Henderson which could be a decendent.

A romance of the family, as told by Miss Frances M. Smith, is furnished by a certain Sir John Henderson, who fighting the natives in darkest Africa, was "rescued by a lady", so the record says. She was a royal, or a. noble personage, which adds a touch of interest and thrill to the narrative, and she was probably wearing her crown (or string of beads) at the very moment of the rescue, for descendants of the hero of this story still preserve, under glass, "a picture of this lady, with a coronet on her head, and a ôLandskip' " ---- a representation probably of the very scene of the rescue.

While on the subject of the attainments and worth of the House of Henderson, it will not be out of place to remind the patient reader of this family's hope and uprightness, thrift and enterprise, courage, ambition, religious sincerity and charitable generosity, philanthropic spirit and statesmanship.

  The following is Genealogy along the Banks line.
Bluehill, September 16, 1883

Mr. John Reidhead
Dear Sir:

You requested me to write your Genealogy. Accordingly I will begin as far back as I know. Aaron Banks came from old York settled in Major Bagwaduce, now divided into three towns: Castine, Penobost and Brooksville. He settled in that part called Castine in the year 1761. He was in the old French and Prussian War. He married Miss Perkins by whom he had the children whose names follow:

Boys: Eben, James, Josiah and Aaron Banks

Girls: Elizabeth, Lucy, Olive, Polly and Esther Banks

If he had any others I do not know their names. It is of Esther Banks you wish to know. She married a Scotsman by the name of David Reidhead by whom she had one son by the name of John Reidhead. He married a girl by the name of Peabody. John Reidhead and Miss Peabody were your parents. In tracing the Wardwells only have to trace my own Genealogy.

Daniel Wardwell came from Old York and settled in Penobost. He had four sons: Samuel, Daniel, Jeremiah and Josiah. Jeremiah married Elizabeth Banks by whom he had twelve children. The sons were: William, Eliakim, Eben, Joseph, Robert, Lewis, Seneca and Vespasian Wardwell. The girls names were: Nancy, Ruth, Betsy and Mercy. They are all dead now but Seneca and he is 82 years old.

John Reidhead married Olive Banks by whom he had two children: Catharine and Olive Reidhead. Olive married James Stover. Eliakim Wardwell married Catherine Reidhead, his cousin by whom he had eleven children. Their names were John, Mary, Ann, Ruth, William, Ira, Eliakim, Abagail, Burnham, Joseph, Catherine and Fersis. 'They are all dead but Ruth, Catharine and Burnham. Samuel Wardwell married Polly Banks by whom he had a large family whose names I omit. They are dead but Washington Wardwell. He is about 70 years old. Eben Banks died in the West Indies. He was an officer on board a British man of war.

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